Healing wounded hearts…one man, woman, and child at a time…

Abused_ChildReported incidents of child sexual abuse are markedly on the rise. What is especially shocking is the fact that these reports represent only a small portion of actual occurrences of sexual abuse.

Incest affects individuals and families regardless of class, income, profession, religion or race. The statistics are truly alarming. It is currently estimated that one-third of all children are sexually abused before the age of 18. This includes 40% of all females and 30% of all males. The vast majority of these reports involve very young children, below age seven.

Every year in this country, two million children are brutally beaten or sexually abused. 340,000 new cases were reported in 1989 (U.S. Advisory Board, April, 1991). Of these abused children, 3,000 to 5,000 die every year. In New York State alone, 200 bodies of sexually and physically abused children are found each year and not even identified. These are the ultimate victims.

There are gender differences with regard to sexual abuse incidents; specifically, girls are at twice the risk than boys for sexual victimization throughout childhood and at eight times the risk during adolescence. Because significant physical, emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral problems are related to childhood trauma, the need to more effectively address the issue has become paramount.

The trained, compassionate staff at Arizona Behavioral Health Center provides individual and group therapy for adult men and women who are victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Clients entering treatment for issues surrounding their abuse will spend time gaining understanding about their family of origin, how powerlessness, abandonment, betrayal, hopelessness, shame, anger, grief, the cycle of abuse, and addiction, have permeated relationships throughout their lives.

We believe clients need to look back in order to understand how the harm they experienced has affected their view of themselves and others. Many clients stay “stuck” in their anger expending tremendous energy focusing on the abuser/s and the harm they inflicted. While it is essential that clients understand how their abuse has harmed them, if healing is to occur, they must only look back in order to move forward. What we often find is that long after the abuse has ended, clients continue the abuse by harming themselves and others because of their, hurt, the false belief that they are at fault for the abuse, and their unbearable self-hatred or shame. We help clients understand how they can regain a healthy understanding of boundaries and an accurate view of themselves, so they can begin dreaming, and building healthy relationships so they can reach their fullest potential.

If you, or someone you love has been emotionally, physically, and/or sexually abused and you find that the abuse continues to make developing trusting, intimate relationships very difficult, or if you continue to try to hide the pain and shame embodied in your stories of abuse by the use of drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity or addiction, self-harm which includes cutting and eating disorders, or through other-centered violence, please contact our office and schedule an evaluation with one of our trained trauma specialists.

Not only is our center committed to those who are courageously moving forward in the process of healing from their childhood abuse, we are committed to breaking the cycle of abuse through programs of prevention and public education. If interested in learning how you can be part of helping to prevent sexual abuse please call our office.